Cham Paper Group Switzerland Inc.
Address: Fabrikstrasse, CH-6330 Cham
Phone +41 41 785 33 33



1657                 Founding of paper mill on the river Lorze, Cham

1840                 First paper machine in Cham

1854                 Formation of Cartiera di Locarno (Tenero)

1978                 Formation of Papierfabriken Cham-Tenero AG

1993                 Acquisition of Cartiera di Carmignano including Condino mill (Italy)

1999                 Acquisition of Hunsfos Fabrikker AS (Norway)

2007                 Closure of Tenero mill | 350th birthday of Cham paper mill

2008                 Sale of Hunsfos mill (Norway)

2009                 Change of name to Cham Paper Group Switzerland Inc

2011                 Focus on R&D and surface coating in Cham
                        Start of conversion of the industrial park in Switzerland

2015                 Relocation of coating activities to Italy