Cham Paper Group Switzerland Inc.
Address: Fabrikstrasse, CH-6330 Cham
Phone +41 41 785 33 33

Mission Statement

Innovative products
We specialise in the development, production, marketing and sale of technical and special-purpose papers. Our products and services meet our customers’ exacting demands in terms of quality, reliability and practicality.

Leading market position
We are rooted in Switzerland and operate worldwide. The service and technology centre in Cham supports Group companies with new products and applications. In production, too, we are renowned for flexibility and customer proximity.

Environmental awareness
We promote environmental awareness within our company. We make ongoing improvements that go above and beyond legal requirements, protecting the environment and saving resources.

Safety in the workplace
We make our employees aware of such issues as the environment, hygiene and safety in the workplace. Selectively implemented measures ensure a continuous improvement in safety for employees and the environment.

An attractive employer
We offer our employees an attractive working environment. Interaction in the workplace is based on cooperation and mutual trust. We actively encourage our employees’ personal and professional development and, in return, expect a genuine commitment to the development and growth of our company.

High value-added
Our goal is long-term maximisation of shareholder value. We react swiftly to changes in our business environment: adaptability is one of our distinctive characteristics.