Cham Paper Group Switzerland Inc.
Address: Fabrikstrasse, CH-6330 Cham
Phone +41 41 785 33 33

Vision 2015

Vision 2015 sets out Cham Paper Group obligations to achieve the following targets:

Energy and water

  • 8% reduction in energy consumption by 2015
  • 15% reduction in waste water quantity by 2015
  • 30% reduction in sludge quantity by 2015

Sustainable forest management / chain of custody

  • Development and certification of a chain of custody for all plants (FSC)
  • Pulp from controlled wood or an equivalent quality level

Sustainable products – green line

  • Establishment of a catalogue of criteria/differentiating features for defining «sustainability»
  • Market launch of first corresponding products

Work safety and health management

  • 40% reduction in overall accident frequency (H1) by 2015
  • Active work safety representatives (WSR)
  • 15% reduction in rate of absenteeism by 2015

Credibility of statements

  • Inspection of ratios in accordance with corporate governance and performance rules (ICS)


Basis for this calculation is the situation in 2010.